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Celery Juice Challenge: 5 Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice Every Morning

Posted by Lisa Consiglio Ryan on

Celery… it may not be the sexiest of the veggies like kale, but it’s becoming more popular by the day!  While kale has been the queen of veggies for a while now, straight-up celery juice is making its mark in the wellness world and we are reaping its benefits.


Celery Juice Cleanse

Drinking celery juice (with a lemon) every morning on an empty stomach has tons of benefits from promoting detox, enhancing gut health and crazy off-the-hook energy.


Where to Buy Celery Juice

Here at RASA juice shop, we are excited to feature our new celery juice with a challenge! All you have to do is drink one celery juice each morning on an empty stomach for five days and see what type of celery benefits you feel.

Tip:  Make sure the celery you use is organic, don't forget! We don't want to add toxins back into our blood cells; that will be counter intuitive to the benefits we want to experience.


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Celery juice benefits were first discussed by the Medical Medium, Anthony William. 

“Celery is truly the savior when it comes to chronic illness.”

Dr. Mark Hyman, leading functional medicine doctor and host of The Doctor’s Farmacy podcast states that “celery is the ultimate detoxification food.”  

The most important benefit of celery juice is helping the gut rebuild its own stores of hydrochloric acid. This helps to strengthen digestion and gut health.  Many researchers agree that illness starts in the gut so making sure you are detoxifying and supporting gut health is crucial to your overall health.

Celery Health Benefits

  • Celery contains luteolin, a powerful flavonoid, that acts as an antioxidant and  lessons inflammation.
  •  Celery can  boost production of important thyroid hormones in those with hypothyroidism.
  • Extracting celery can help to prevent heart disease and stroke, reduce plaque in arteries and lower blood pressure.
  •  Celery is BOSS for supporting the nervous system because of its detoxifying properties. It tonifies the blood which helps nourish our organs, too.
  •  The phytonutrients in celery stalks provide detoxifying properties that remove bad bacteria, mold, viruses and other toxins from the liver.

We hope that drinking celery juice every morning will be your next life long habit! Add it to your wellness routine and report back!


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RASA juice shop in Annapolis, juice cleanse near me, juice cleanse home delivery, cold-pressed juice

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  • Sandra Roth on

    I’ve been juicing celery for 4 days now and from day 1 felt the benefit of more energy. This has continued with the added benefit from day 3 of feeling lighter as though is lighter carrying. I am happier too! like my world is brighter somehow. I will continue with this as a lifestyle choice with gratitude for information.

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