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Eat Clean 21 FIT Meal Plan Kits


Eat Clean 21FIT is a practical way to eat healthy food consistently - with spelled-out menu plans, quick and easy recipes, and shopping lists for 21 days!

Here's a quick breakdown of what you get with EC21FIT:

  • Over 100 recipes that are: Plant-based (dairy-free) Anti-inflammatory Gluten-free, Sugar-free (no processed foods) Soy-free, Fat-burning, 5 ingredients or less 5 steps or less 15 minutes or less to cook (many are only 5 minutes!)
  • Recipes featuring foods like veggies, dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, hummus and some low-glycemic fruit… Meals hit all the macronutrients (carb, fat, and protein with emphasis on lower carb count) and focus on fat-burning. This is your ticket to the body reboot you crave with real, clean, whole food.
  • Done-for-you menu plans so there is no guesswork involved. I tell you what to eat for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and dinner.
  • BONUS! 3 full length 30 min workout videos, 3 bonus 15 min isolation videos (arms, butt, core), and a stretch video


Here’s what you can expect when you eat clean…

  • weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight (easy to do when processed foods are avoided)
  • feeling less bloated and even you might have to tighten a new belt loop
  • all-day energy, from morning to night
  • looking younger (yep, eating clean will do that!)
  • excitement about being in the kitchen
  • feeling relieved because you have a stash of recipes you can use over and over
  • less guilt; eating clean allows you to ditch the takeout so you can cook nourishing foods for you and your loved ones
  • feeling tight, fit and lean due to moving your body with targeted workout videos to maximize your clean eating efforts
  • the GLOW… the more plants, whole foods, and cooking at home you do, the more you shine!

What do you get with Eat Clean 21 FIT?

  • 3 weeks (21 days) of complete downloadable meal plans for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (over 100 recipes in all). All meal plans are spelled out with the exact meals you need to make each day. The kit also includes your meal planner charts and shopping lists for all 3 weeks. The shopping list format is highly customized with exact items listed for each week.
  • Recipe cards for easy access while you are in the kitchen or to file online to grab off your phone.
  • Group support with a private FaceBook forum so you can ask questions, share recipes and cheer each other on! 
  • Coaching from yours truly! Since I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I’m able to guide you on your clean living journey with research-based strategies for meal planning, balancing blood sugar and losing weight. During our challenge, I will be coaching directly in the group, emailing you with check-ins and treats, and supporting you during your 21 days! After the challenge, you can access the group forum
  • You have meal plans! Yep, since you like a set plan (just like me!), I got you covered. I planned it all! 3-week menu for 21 days, shopping lists to go with it, recipe cards and meal planning charts so you can put on your fridge.

Plus you’ll also get these amazing Bonuses:

  • Meal Planner Guide Book to keep you on track and help you put a system in place. You will get my secret system to planning easy, quick meals for you and the ones you love.
  • 50 Healthy Snacks Cheat Sheet complete with snack ideas, easy recipes, for fun dips (for those veggies!) and desserts.
  • EXTRA BONUS! 3 Weeks of Fitness Workout Videos! To maximize your results, we are lucky to have a fitness expert, Nichole Kellerman, guide us each week with fitness vids to keep us toned and strong!


You Might Be Thinking…

"I’m a picky eater. Will I like the food?"

The Eat Clean 21 FIT meals are meant to feed the whole family. The traditional pizza, taco, even burger recipes are included. 

Have an open mind and give new foods at least 5-10 tries before you say you don’t like something. You never know!  Some of these foods might end up being your favorites. There are lots of salads, smoothies, soups, and tons of delicious entrees.

Here are just a few examples of the hundred+ of fresh recipes you will be eating:

  • Veggie Burgers
  • Tacos
  • Eggplant “Parmesan”
  • GF Veggie Pizza
  • Enchiladas


Q: Will I be in the kitchen cooking all day? 

EC21FIT meals are 5 ingredients or less with 5 steps or less.  The recipes are designed to be tasty as well as easy to make.  You don’t need a culinary background to make Eat Clean 21 FIT  dishes.  Think quick, easy, delicious and healthy.

Q: What does eating clean mean? 

All recipes are gluten-free and plant-based. All clean ingredients are anti-inflammatory which helps prevent illness as well as give you a gorgeous glow and flat tummy. The goal of Eat Clean 21 is to prevent inflammation which leads to chronic disease (i.e. diabetes, cancer, heart disease…). Each  meal and snack hits all three macronutrients so you have a balanced way of fueling yourself all day. No high or low blood sugar levels!

Q: Do I have to follow the program exactly? 

No. Do what works for your life. You can begin with using some of the recipes and including them in your routine.  You can also use the daily menus as a reference point when dining out, or with other meals to help you balance the nutrients in the food you eat.

Q: When should I do Eat Clean 21 FIT?

Anytime you are ready or need a reboot! You don’t have to commit to a long-term program so begin with something that fits your life right now.  Try out a week and monitor your progress. You will see how only just one week of eating clean and working out can make a big difference!

Get Eat Clean 21 FIT today to start enjoying these and so many more delicious and nutritious recipes right away!

Remember: we've made this effortless for you. You're going to get the shopping lists, the recipes, and the meal just follow the steps and see the results!


Kate Bellotte

I feel the best I have in a very very long time and have been sleeping better.

I am 35 and I feel the best I have in a long time!

Before the program, I looked healthy from the outside, but I had some issues. I had leaky gut and yeast overgrowth which created itchy, peeling, swollen eyes and an irritating rash for over a year. My eye issue went away about a week after the clean eating plan and my rash was gone by day 19.

I have been able to keep them in check and gone sticking to Lisa’s clean eating menus! I love it! I love how everything is easily planned out for you! I also like doing it with a group and getting feedback and support from others. I love how much Lisa helps us as well. I don’t know how she does it all.

I feel the best I have in a very very long time and have been sleeping better. It really helped me do a lifestyle change that I have been working on for a while. I felt more at ease and it feels like I have more time in the day! I have just felt more aligned with the universe through this process.

Lisa will be there with you all the way to support you, and her light just pours over you! She is very open and understanding and will never make you feel judged or like you aren’t doing well if you have a slip up.

This challenge was life changing for me. When is the next one? I’m ready!~Kate Bellotte


The recipes and meal planning were key for me. Plus the shopping list was a real treat. This took so much work and stress out of my life for not having to plan my own meals. I lost weight, gained more energy, have a happier disposition, and a renewed energy for life!

I was so pleasantly surprised at how quickly my body turned around. I felt so amazingly good. I never knew that what I was eating would slow me down so much. I was also pleasantly surprised that my wine cravings decreased. I think the renewed energy allowed me to give up a vice I thought was such a part of me. I am no longer alternating between coffee to wake up and wine to relax. My whole being is just better! I never thought I would be able to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant and NOT drink a delicious margarita or eat chips and cheese dip (a once a week “treat”). It was easy not to eat those things because I just loved the way I felt and didn’t want to un-do any of what I had worked for. If Lisa told me that in the beginning (and I think she did) I would not have believed her! Amazing! Lisa’s program is do-able, delicious and so worth it. Lisa spreads love and joy wherever she goes, and that’s truly refreshing! I loved it! ~Jen Barrett