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30% off SALE on 3,5 and 7 Day Juice Cleanses! 


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Power Immune Booster Pack

$42.00 $36.00


Organic cold-pressed green juice, Vitamin C cold-pressed organic juice, ginger shots and organic elderberry

At a discounted price, we put together an immune strengthening pack of our most potent products to protect your system:

* 1 Power Green cold-pressed organic juice (celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, apple, lemon, ginger)- anti-inflammatory, the chlorophyll from the dark leafy greens balances out blood cells for healing, protects against illness.

* 1 Refresh Cold-pressed organic juice (grapefruit, mint and lemon) - Vitamin C, mint helps with digestion.

* Digest Ease ginger shot:  100% organic ginger- helps with nausea, fights illness and protects the lungs.

* Organic Elderberry Syrup:  Take a TBSP each day to ward off illness and prevents susceptibility to germs,etc... 

The Power Pack  also supports the lymphatic system, the seat of immunity. 

We are offering a discount on the packs:  save $8! 


 Maximize your Power Pack by adding extras strong ooooomph for protecting your lungs and boosting your lymphatic system. 

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Pursoma Body Brush 

 Add on Pursoma's Body Brush to boost the lymphatic system (your seat of immunity), support your lungs and flush out toxins.  Dry brush before your shower in the morning. 


In this time of need and social responsibility for you to stay home, we will deliver for FREE to DTA residents and businesses ( 21401 and 21403 zip codes ).
We also have $10 off your delivery fee if you live in our 30 mile radius. :) 

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