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Watermelon Crush Juice



Order now with your juice cleanse or meal pack! 

SIGNATURE SUMMER JUICE FLAVOR! Limited edition for summer season.

12 oz. cold-pressed (made fresh daily)

Ingredients:  watermelon, cucumber, lemon

plant-based, organic, raw, non -gmo, sugar-free and delish!

Watermelon Crush is fresh, cool and quenches your thirst in the hot summer heat.  Super for curbing sugar cravings and providing energy for your day. Watermelon Crush can also be a nice replacement for that afternoon "give me iced vanilla latte- full of calories and sugar! " A healthier option for the 3 pm slump!

Watermelon and cucumber are natural diuretics and help flush out toxins as well as keep you cool and refreshed!

 *put your Watermelon Crush in the freezer for a delicious popscicle!

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