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Spring Clean(s)ing Challenge Package

Juice, detox and clean eating! 

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Celery Juice 5 Day Challenge 

Start your 5-day celery juice challenge. Lisa will send you daily emails to keep you on target as well as informed on the benefits of the popular daily celery juice drinking. You also receive 5 celery + lemon juices to drink each morning! 

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Spring Renewal 10 Day Detox

Follow the 10-day comprehensive detox plan online with a menu plan, recipes, shopping list and most of all, coaching from Lisa and support from the online community. 

If you need detox meals made for you, go here. 

Eat Clean 21 Fit meal plan kits: 

To maximize your efforts, you will use the EC21Fit meal plans for 3 weeks- complete downloadable meal plans for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (over 100 recipes in all).

All meal plans are spelled out with the exact meals you need to make each day. The kit also includes your meal planner charts and shopping lists for all 3 weeks. The shopping list format is highly customized with exact items listed for each week.

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