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WE moved in!  As we work with the City of Annapolis Zoning and Development, we will keep you up to date on hours,etc... Stay tuned for the exact opening day but in the meantime, shop with us on-line for your juice cleanse, subscription, and wellness needs!

RASA juice shop was founded by Lisa Consiglio Ryan, a born -n-raised Pittsburgher and now Annapolitan of 25 years.  Lisa has been peddling healthy food and juice deliveries in the local areas including Baltimore and DC for 6 years and we are so excited to have a store-front located on beautiful Maryland Ave. downtown Annapolis.

Lisa grew up with the typical Standard American Diet and has been known to sprinkle sugar on her Frosted Flakes as a child. Clean eating was not on the radar for her and her family, obvs.

After doing every diet in the book and eating not-so-healthy, Lisa became ill with fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome, rosacea, cystitis and tons of allergies.   After finding ways to heal alternatively (acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, polarity, massage, chiropractic work, energy healing), Lisa was able to take that last step and add in the food factor- real,  whole, organic and anti-inflammatory food. Lisa hasn't been on medications for over 18 years and counting and relies on clean eating as her staple self-care.

Looking to up her nutrition game, Lisa found juice. As she got involved in the plant-based way of living, she realized how powerful juice was to reverse illness and heal the body. Now she has to have her juice every day. It's a must. And it's a must to provide juice for everyone!

As you put liquid gold into you body, you feel at peace. Connection to others is so powerful, even with animals, living things. The vibration of how we are all connected... the rhythm with each other can be felt with each sip. (pretty deep right?!) . Lisa made it a point from there on to get juicy goodness into everyone's hands.


Drinking juice allows you to get in your daily allowance of vitamins and minerals with your veggies and some low-glycemic fruit. The chlorophyll from the dark leafy greens provides liquid nutrition straight into your blood cells so you can heal and promote optimal health for the long-term. 



RASA means divine nectar of the gods... using your senses to guide your nourishment leads to enlightenment and also fuels your body all day long. 

RASA products are made for YOU, designed to enhance your well being, stimulate your senses, and promote balance.

The mission of RASA is to combine body, mind and soul so that you get the opportunity to tap into your body's wisdom.

RASA juice shop acts as a catalyst and hub for health and wellness in Annapolis and surrounding cities.

Stop by to say hi or send us a message. We would LOVE to connect with you!


*Look for events each month consisting of yoga, meditation, fitness, and even tarot card readings!

If you are a health coach, yoga teacher, wellness expert and want a beautiful space in downtown Annapolis to host your event and/or meeting, contact us and we can pencil in the date!   : 


Want to make juice with us?

We are hiring juicologists, community outreach and social media curators.

Shoot us an email outlining your interest, availability and experience :

Special thanks to Sophie Macaluso for the gorg juice and shop photos! Check out her work on Instagram- @smacphoto