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Follow Your Gut Turmeric Probiotic Blend


The act of nurturing only what feels right, including the growth of good bacteria and a natural immunizer with this super creamy and probiotic blend. Follow Your Gut is an adaptogen-infused golden blend containing the anti-inflammatory Turmeric as a base, with stress reducing anti-viral Astragalus Root, for a distinctly potent herbal boost for your gut, skin, and overall immunizer from the inside out. An amazing whole body blend perfect for those new to healing superfoods and great in both sweet + savory recipes.

The combination of Black Pepper with Turmeric helps to increase the bioavailability of Curcumin, making it a powerful tonic for reducing stress, post-workout recovery, and a recipe for a good night's sleep. Follow Your Gut is good for people of all ages, including kids, and is safe for breastfeeding women.


Ingredients:  Turmeric, Astragalus, Black Pepper, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Coconut Cream Powder 

Product by Apothekary