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Hey Thanks! Asleep and Dreaming


An organic elixir to nourish the nerves, calm the mind, and prepare the body for a restful night of sleep.

Passionflower helps calm the mind, breaks cycles of circular thinking, and turns off that pesky mind chatter that prevents us from falling asleep.

Milky Oats nourish and repair frazzled nerves and support adrenal function.

and Kava and California Poppy help put our physical bodies at ease so you can drift off into a sweet slumber, pain free.

Start 1 hour before bedtime taking 15 drops every 30 minutes. Waking up in the middle of the night? take 15-30 drops whenever you wake up. This helps tremendously if you are having trouble falling asleep. 

Fresh homegrown passionflower, milky oats, and chamomile, local organic california poppy, organic kava and rose, distilled spirits, filtered water, and local honey.