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Hey Thanks! Stress Buster



for those stressful situations that leave you feeling wound up, frazzled, and out of control. 

Milky Oats are a must for a nervous system that has been depleted by stress. They soothe frazzled, crispy, overworked nerves so that you can feel calm and nourished.

Skullcap helps take pain and tension out of the body and when it comes to an overactive brain, its passionflower to the rescue! Breaking cycles of circular thinking and stopping that annoying mind chatter.

Holy Basil is a wonderfully uplifting adaptogen that helps carry us through stressful situations while wood betony keeps us feel grounded, rooted and strong in our convictions.

Take 1 dropper full up to three times a day shake off the stress of daily life, and feel more calm.


Homegrown and fresh milky oat tops, holy basil, skullcap, passionflower, and chamomile with an energetic dose of wood betony, distilled spirits, filtered water and local honey.