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Macronutrient Bowl Bento Box


This bento box is hearty and full of protein!

This grab-n-go box contains your main meal with a salty snack and sweet treat all in one! 

A perfect lunch and keeps well for left overs. Fuel your day!


Macronutrient Bowl

Ingredients: quinoa, arugula, chickpeas,  kimchi, sweet potato, cranberries, walnuts garlic, sea salt and freshly ground pepper  and tahini dressing

Power Bite

carrots, dates, and cashews 


GF and vegan crackers 

25 grams of protein per serving

1 serving

Plant-based, soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, non-gmo, organic, local ingredients, seasonal, and nourishes with nutrient-dense enzymes.

Perfect for big events, too! Inquire about our catering and delivery.