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Power Session Consult with Lisa, CINHC



Does this sound like you?

“I want to be healthy, but I am not sure where to start.  What do I eat?”

“I’ve already tried the quick fix diets, pills, weight loss programs that cost a fortune. They just don’t work for me, and I never even used the dvds I bought!  I want to learn to eat healthy quick and easy meals naturally- for good.”

“I just did your detox and want to keep the good life going!  What can I do get a healthy everyday plan?”

“I’m gluten-free (vegan, paleo…) and have hypothyroidism, and want to feel better but am confused about where to start with my diet.”

“I have diabetes and need to lose 25 pounds. I need help with developing a meal plan with the right foods to keep my blood sugar stable as well as lose weight.”

My naturopath said I have leaky gut syndrome as well as SIBO. I don’t understand the charts and don’t know what to eat! Help!

If so, I can help. 

During a Power Session, I will be able to pinpoint exactly where inconsistencies lie in your diet and lifestyle, tweak, and develop an action plan for you.


During the Power Session:

  • We will review your current eating and lifestyle habits with a health history.  We go into detail with your goals and  talk about any concerns you may have regarding your health.
  • We will put together a game plan based on your specific goals,  and you will receive take-aways that you can implement immediately in your life.
  • I will develop easy, quick, customized recipes and natural food remedies based on your action plan.
  • I will follow up with via email with handouts, customized notes from session, and relevant links to articles, blogs, etc…  based on on your action plan.
  • I will send you menu plans based on our consult within 3 days of our virtual meeting.  These plans are for 7 days, all meals and snacks with recipes. You will also receive a customized healthy snack guide with recipes per your unique goals.

Power Sessions are 50 minutes by phone or in person. 

Meal plan development is approximately 2-3 hours based on your consultation results, action plan and health history.

Total 3-4 hours.

Power Session consultation is $325