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Summer Raw Renewal 7 Day Detox Program

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What is Summer Raw Renewal?

Summer Raw Renewal is a powerful, 7-day detox program that combines seasonal whole food recipes with the accountability and support of awesome, like-minded people and a nutrition coach, Lisa Consiglio Ryan, founder of RASA.  

Summer Raw Renewal is an online program so you can access any time, anywhere. 

Who is if for?

If you are feeling worn out, bloated, heavy, or just needs a body and mind reset from sugar, eating out, or stress, Summer Raw Renewal is for YOU.

Summer Raw Renewal is designed specifically for busy people who juggle work, family, and social lives. The menu spells out each day of the cleanse with a detailed shopping list, menus, recipes, etc. Net result: you can prepare all your meals and snacks in advance, then just grab and go. That takes out all the guesswork and makes everything as easy as possible for you. 

Summer Raw Renewal Detox doesn’t just give you a plan and then send you away on your own. You’ll also have the amazing support of Lisa, your coach, and encouragement of hundreds of others who are going through the cleanse with you

What are the benefits of a whole foods cleanse? 

Based on the results of thousands of Lisa's clients over the last 10 years, here's a taste of what you may experience: 

  • all day energy 
  • deep, uninterrupted sleep
  • clothes that look -and feel-  better on you
  • a 5-15+ pound weight loss (on average); could be more depending on your specific body, lifestyle, and consistency
  • happier gut
  • fewer cravings for sugar and salt
  • boosted immunity to kick those allergies
  • a clear- focused mind
  • feeling tight, fit and lean due to moving your body with targeted workout videos to maximize your clean eating efforts
  • and glowing skin of course! 

What will I be eating during Summer Raw Renewal?

Lots of clean delish food like summer cooling soups, fresh salads, raw veggies and fruit, smoothies, light portobello bites and quinoa and more! 

The menu is:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • plant-based
  • dairy-free
  • gluten-free
  • soy-free
  • sugar-free
  • paleo-friendly
  •  whole, real foods
  • seasonal to summer and supportive of the heart and stomach,  the organs that rule summer according to Traditional Chinese Medicine 

You will also be omitting inflammatory substances like alcohol, caffeine, and sodas for the 7 days. You will feel so clean! 

spring whole foods detox in Annapolis

So lots of delish spring centered meals! Salads, light soups, quinoa, smoothies, snacks like almond butter with apples, hummus with veggies- everything is designed with a good plant-based protein, a good fat (ex. avocado), and a good carb (ex. veggies and dark leafy greens). 

What do I get with the program when I sign up?



  • Detox Prep Guide. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a packet explaining how to prepare for your detox. Pre-cleansing instructions and daily detox practices are included. You’ll also receive delicious pre-detox recipes so you can get a jump-start on your cleanse. 
  • A LIVE kick-off coaching call to get you prepared for your detox adventure. During the call, Lisa will go over cleanse details plus answer questions about Spring Renewal.
  • A complete Detox Manual. This contains your step-by-step menu plan with all meals spelled out for you. Plus, it also has  seasonal make-ahead menu and recipes, a pull-out shopping list, daily instructions, and FAQs.
  • Daily email check-ins and unlimited daily support. Lisa will email you a video each day, which will keep you motivated and inspired. Plus, if you have a private question, you can email Lisa anytime during the cleanse. You have access to Lisa's coaching 24/7 for 7 whole days!
  • Detox community support group. The private Facebook group allows you to give and receive support throughout the detox.
  • Daily Detox Journal. This PDF journal gives you space to record your experiences during the cleanse.
  • Private Membership Area to grab important links to blog posts, videos, materials, and bonuses. Everything you need is in one spot, so you don’t waste time searching for emails, posts, and links.

PLUS you’ll also get these crazy awesome BONUSES:

  • Return to Life Instruction Packet. Step-by-step system will help you slowly re-introduce eliminated foods like caffeine, sugar, etc… back into your diet without shocking your body. A personal post-detox checklist also helps you organize the foods and practices that you will keep in your diet and life.
  • Spring Recipe Cookbook with 25 smoothie, soup, and salad recipes for post-detox.
  • EXTRA Menu Supplement Handbook. 10 extra detox recipes added to your menu plan to use after detox.
  • Recipe Cards to download to your phone and use in the kitchen while you whip up your detox meals.

Will you cook my detox meals for me? Absolutely! 

NEW! Catered detox meals! (Annapolis/Baltimore/DC)


CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS >>> Summer Raw Renewal Catered Meal Plan

I liked the predictability and how simple it was to follow.
“Before starting, I felt sluggish, way overweight, fatigued, and winded when doing too much. I had three surgeries last year and fought breast cancer in October with daily radiation. Add in that those who supported me with meals made high carb meals with desserts included, my health needed a detox.
I liked the predictability of the detox program, how simple it was to follow, and that the menus were for 1-2 servings. No one else was eating the same foods, so it was nice not to waste food.
My results: 7 lbs lost Bright, clear, shiny skin Better sleep – I remember my dreams. I have not remembered a dream in many, many months. Better focus Less bloated
Lisa is encouraging, approachable, and makes menus easy to follow.”
~ Stephanie G.

“I have lost 7lbs total and have been able to keep it off. I feel great and have tons of energy!”

My body ‘fits’ again and feels good and I am keeping the momentum going even after detox. I can’t think of a single recipe from the detox that I don’t like! The meals are easy to make and very grab-n-go. Since I travel a lot for work, the detox fit into my life perfectly.

My face is happy with less breakouts, too! I have found many gluten free alternatives to the things I love and have been enjoying them in moderation. I think it is the path of the future for me! I’ve picked up some great habits these last 10 days and plan to implement a lot of these recipes in my daily diet.

~ Angie F.

I sleep better, have more energy during the day, and no longer crave sugar or caffeine.
"I used to eat a lot of garbage; a lot of fast food, carbs, and sugar. Late at night I craved sugar and ate candy, cake and chips. I had trouble sleeping and would wake up at all hours of the night. I just felt sluggish and tired most of the time. “Tired” was my middle name!
Lisa’s program was easy to follow and I loved the fabulous recipes! I enjoyed all the meals and looked forward to trying them. And I love the support from Lisa!
My BIG take aways: I sleep better, have more energy during the day, and no longer crave sugar or caffeine. I learned I need to drink more water, relax to take time for myself and family, and de-clutter my life. My spouse also started eating healthier and exercising. We even organized closets/rooms in our home!
As an added bonus, I lost 4 pounds and my skin looks better!
I also utilized the Facebook group and took away ideas and thoughts from the other participants. It was nice to know others were doing this too!
Anyone who tries this program will feel better, look better, and establish a more healthy lifestyle that they can stick with.
This was a great stepping stone to a healthier way of eating and living! Thank you for this wonderful program!"
~ Sandy G.



Q: Can I work out while I’m detoxing?

Absolutely. Renewal detoxes are geared toward active people. You can rid your body of toxins without putting your life on hold. Make sure you eat all your meals and snacks; and if you need extra protein, go for it. Listen to your body and keep in touch with me during the detox so we can monitor your workouts. If you feel you need to back off on intensity, do so. Your body might like the break.

Q: What if I’m on vacation during the group cleanse? Can I still sign up? 

Heck yassss! That way you’ll receive daily emails, which you can file away until you’re ready. You’ll also be a part of our community, which is so crucial for detox success. 

Q: How much weight will I lose during Summer Raw Renewal?

Typically, detoxers lose between 4-15 pounds, during my programs. But weight loss differs between individuals, depending on stress levels, sleep, water intake, hormones, genetics, and exercise.

Remember that Spring Renewal isn’t a quick fix, weight loss gimmick. There’s so much more to detoxing than just losing weight. You’ll almost certainly lose a few pounds but think of Spring Renewal as a reboot: a jump-start to healthy, clean living. If you are consistent and follow the menu, recipes, etc, you’ll see results.

Q. Do you have a longer term program I can do? 

YES! You can sign up for our #RESET with a 3 day juice cleanse!  Start on your own time! Click here for all the details!