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Winter Healing Slumber Party Package I


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SOLD-OUT Portion of proceeds will benefit YWCA Domestic Violence Safe House- Weinberg Residence 

Winter Healing Slumber Party Package I includes:

March 7th: 

  • wellness expert panel discussion with mad-talented guest speakers 
  • breakout sessions on meditation, breathing, yoga, seasonal nutrition support and healing naturally
  • delicious, healthy and nourishing lunch and snack breaks 
  • happy hour with an amazing community
  • send off with 1 day juice cleanse package with RASA juice shop 
  • goodie bag full of local, sustainable, wellness swag!
  • one-on-one time with local wellness experts (tarot card readings, massage, reiki, eco-beauty, etc...) 

March 8th: Come back to join us for

  • sunrise yoga class
  • healthy and fueling breakfast 

Invaluable time for self-care and friendship that you will remember forever!

Once you sign up, you will get a personalized note from Lisa, RASA juice shop founder, with info on the day! Ask a bestie to join you for this day of self-care, friendship and healing! 

Here is the tentative schedule of your "retreat" day: 





Join us for a deep dive in fueling, connecting and healing! Sign up for the Winter Healing Slumber Party! 

Once you reclaim time for yourself to rejuvenate, rest and connect, you will feel:

  • greater vitality and more consistent energy;
  • releasing anxiety and pressure to be everywhere and everything to everyone;
  • calming nerves so you can truly relax in your bones, your cells;
  • balanced pH level in your cells because you are not participating in inflammatory (stressful) situations as well as fueling your body with tons of healthy food;
  • better, sound, restful sleep at night that will have you feeling rejuvenated;
  • enhanced energy to keep you going through your day because you actually did something delightful, filled your soul;
  • developing a bright and shiny outlook (sparkle in eyes); and
  • feeling an overall sense of joyful happiness.

Bring a bestie and join us! 

NO REFUNDS.   Try to gift a friend or family member if you can not attend .:)

 CHECKOUT  NOTE:  When you checkout use these steps:

1. Click ADD TO CART.

2. Choose STORE PICKUP (You won't come to RASA to pickup, you will be sent email confirmation)

3.  Choose DATE and TIME:  March 7th at 9 am 

4. Click CHECKOUT.

5. Fill out contact info. 

6. Click continue to Payment.

7. Complete payment info and click PAY NOW.

You are IN for Winter Healing! Woo!

Once you register, you will get a confirmation email and be put on our registration list . Let us know about any q’s:  410-570-4597.